• If I experience a technical problem on NETS, can I get support from APCEIU to solve the issues?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide support for the technical problems happening on NETS related to internet stability or the issues on ICT equipment. But if that is rather an issue of the website itself, you can always report the problems to our email using the contact submission form.

  • I want to know more and study about Global Citizenship Education. How does NETS provide this learning opportunity for its members?

    NETS provides a variety of online materials and resources on GCED. You can learn GCED through the classes, cultural exchanges and discussions on the NETWORK, and there are also lectures specially designed for GCED learning on COURSES. If you want to learn GCED through more lively experiences, then you can also find many valuable GCED resources from the best practices of the teachers who worked on the APTE programme.

  • How can I interact with other members on NETS?

    The members on NETS can create communities among APTE alumni in ‘APTE community,’ members of the same school in ‘school community’ and different school members in ‘classroom community’ based on the shared interest in GCED topics. In the classroom community, you will have an opportunity to interact with members from various backgrounds across the borders beyond your school communities. Sending messages, using discussion boards, creating online communities and having a zoom meeting with your community members and all other features on NETS will help you to broaden your local boundaries and perspectives by interacting with the NETS members from all over the world.

  • I am an APTE alumni and transferred to another school recently. Can my new school members also join NETS as its members?

    Yes, your new school members (students/teachers/others) can also be the members of NETS.

  • Who can become a manager of each community on NETWORK?

    For the APTE community, two lead teachers will be co-managers of their community. For the School community, one representative must be selected from the teachers (or administrators) of the school upon their discussion to manage their school community. If the community manager transfers to another school, he/she needs to hand over the ID and password of the community manager to the next manager. For the classroom community, any teachers on NETS, who create the classroom community with the particular topics of GCED, will become the manager of the communities they create.

  • Who are the members of each community on NETWORK?

    The members of APTE community are the alumni of the APTE programme, which will be created according to the year and the programme of their participation. Each school community consists of their school members in its community, and lastly classroom community aims to create learning communities where its members will learn, discuss and interact with one another based on their shared topics/interests on GCED.