APTE (Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education) is a bilateral teacher exchange programme between the Republic of Korea and seven Asia-Pacific countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Thailand). Selected by the ministry of education of the respective home country, exchange teachers are placed at host schools for 3~4 months to teach in collaboration with host school teachers. APTE is expected to contribute to the SDGs and Education 2030 by learning to respect different cultures and developing a comparative perspective in education and intercultural communication as well as strengthening the global competency of educators in each participating country. Recognizing the crucial role of teachers in creating social changes, and their great influence on empowering future generations as global citizens contributing to making a more just, peaceful and sustainable world, APTE aims to prepare teachers as global citizens through international teacher exchange, leading them to create positive changes in themselves, students, schools and a local and global society.